Taylor Stephens

Idyllwild, California

           I think of myself having a personality that if you give me a little time, it should grow on you. Often if I don't talk a lot its cause I'm fresh out of things to talk about or just don't know where to start. I some reason have an easier time talking to others older than me, than people the same age or younger.I just have to figure out a way to knock down that wall I perceive between me and other kids. Thats really odd cause when I attended public school I was a lot better. :o Its been a while since I've been around kids my own age so I guess that's why its hard to get back to it. (Maybe its because of spending too much time with my parents... yeah) I know one day it won't be a problem and I'll probably laugh about it.  I'm always wondering whats on your mind before you even utter a word. I seem to always be getting on myself on what I should of said and how I should of said it. I try to not think that way, but its a hard habit to break after years of considering it normal. Its true how you can become your own worst enemy. If you really know me, you know I'm sweet and friendly. I can make you laugh and am always glad to hear how your doing. I might not always show it, but sometimes if I'm going through something or just feel different that day I try my best to break from that feeling and not show it. Sadly that happens a lot but we all have those days. ^.^          I always try to be a friend to everyone I meet. It bugs me to no end if I know someone, but  don't really know them as a person. You know besides their name and maybe a few things they like.(Which I've noticed is true with a lot people I know, but I'm working at it.)If you know me and I don't know you too well, its not that I'm not trying. I always am thinking about what I didn't say moments later or later that day. Circumstances come up and time flies.(Obviously its your problem, whats wrong with you :D) Often I have to convince myself that I have to do some of work involved in it even if my brains telling me no. When your not around people all the time its hard to act as if you do, but hey that's growing up. Friendship is a gift no one should ever abuse, because real friends are hard to come by. I have some friends, but I think one day having a best friend would be surreal. I guess that's why I have a dog: Mans best friend. <_< I'm often told I'm quite a funny guy though its probably because I usually know the right thing to say. Its either that or people laugh at almost anything these days.(Sadly that becomes more true every day, whats wrong with people) For me, making someone smile or laugh gives me a feeling that I might be brightening their day just a little. Helping people isn't just a great thing to do, but it always makes you feel good. I have no problem doing friendly gestures for people such as thanking them or opening doors for them, its been a part of personality for as long as I can remember. Also putting others before you always is the right way to go.        I have a good amount of hobbies that keep me busy from time to time. I like playing sports, but do not play them as often as I used to. My three favorites are basketball,baseball, and football. I'm always up for a game of hoops or if you just want to play catch.(Sadly if my bro doesn't want to, then its just me. 9_9(I guess I can always try to teach the dog but he can't even fetch, what a keeper. <_<) I try to limit the time I spend online or playing video games, for activities that get me outside, cause its not healthy just to stay inside all day.(Of late having a little trouble with that.) I walk my dog almost everyday and if I don't I'll hear from him throughout the day of his disapproval. Walking him is sort of relaxing cause I get to see this beautiful town we live in Idyllwild, but sometimes feels lonely and gives me too much time to think about things. :P I like watching old cartoons and 90's-2000's. I grew up on 90's nicktoons and the good cartoon network. I also like to watch old tv shows from the ME TV.       Music wise I like a lot of different types of music, but have the most rock based. I have a very varied taste but some genres I won't go near. I like some music back to the 50's even up to current day. I tend to find myself loving the 80's the most, besides 90's/2000's alternative. Musically I'm open to new bands and artists, but they have to get stuck in my head sometimes for me to get hooked. Odds are if we don't connect in a lot of ways, at least there is something music wise we'll both like. If there isn't anything, we just have to look harder. I'm usually listening to music that make me smile. I like music that can make you cry from an emotional chorus or just something you can head bang too. I like songs that kick some butt as well. Can't forget about music that makes you feel good.Some bands/artists I can't help listening to over and over. Some of these include Barenaked Ladies, Paramore, Foo Fighters, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Billy Joel, Queen, and Maroon 5. You should check them out. That's just a few but there's more. Eventually I would love to learn an instrument, such as Guitar and Piano. I think it would be awesome to play some of my favorite songs and maybe even write one.       I act like a kid sometimes but I think if you grow up and act mature, having a little bit of kid grow up with you is great cause you need to learn to laugh at yourself. Often I feel like I'm a generation too soon in some aspects but hey life's got obstacles. Also no matter matter how bad things get, remember you will get through it cause your an awesome person. If you actually read all this, woo *high five* Any Q's? Alright you've been a amazing audience thank you. For those who skipped to the end, hit the self destruct button now so noone will see this.