Jim Johnson

San Diego Professor, Consultant, Executive Coach for Leadership and Team Development

Strengths Signature Themes:Relator | Maximizer | Individualization | Learner | Strategic• Professor at Point Loma Nazarene University, where he teaches in the School of Education and Department of Psychology• Teacher, administrator in California public schools for over 20 years with educational experience at the local school, district, county, state, and national levels• Certified Coach, Educator, Advocate, and Advisor for Gallup Corporation in their Strengths-based initiatives in higher education and churches, coaching and training in Living your Strengths, Strengths Based Leadership and the Engaged Church initiatives.• Legal Consultant and Educational Specialist for parents, school districts, and educational agencies providing legal and educational consultation to parents, school districts, and educational agencies on mental health issues, disabilities, and educational programming, transition to work, post-secondary education, and community involvementSpecialties: Developing Gallup Strengths-based initiatives in higher education, faith-based ministries and professional organizations with coaching and training for individuals, teams, and leadersDeveloping effective life/leadership skills in Discipleship, Spiritual Formation, Life Planning through training, mentoring, discipling and coachingSupporting persons with learning/behavior problems, sensory-motor integration issues, including individuals within the autism spectrum or with Traumatic Brain Injury