Jenny Scordamaglia

Miami Beach Bussiness Woman & Communicator (Host)

Jenny Scordamaglia was born in Jersey City New Jersey. At only three months old she moved to Uruguay where she lived all of her childhood in a city called Tacuarembo varying with her farm just an hour away. Jenny grew up in a very natural environment, she attended a private bi-lingual school and her country wild side was never lost. Jenny loves horseback riding, extreme sports and outdoors.  At 13 years of age she moved back to the U.S. At the age of 15 she attended a modeling school and graduated shortly after being picked as the face of the agency to represent them year round in Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Pageantry and Teen Vogue. Ever since then Jenny has been involved industry where she participated in various activities. Currently married to a respected Television producer Enrique Benzoni who has a long carrier in communications and special broadcasts in United Nations together with producing Miss Argentina to Miss Universe in the late 82 to 98. Today owners and producers of Miami TV an international signal by IPTV, Satellite and Mobile to the world with a different concept of entertainment.After moving to Miami for collage to study fashion design she also continued pursuing her talent and was a featured dancer in "Teen Road Movie", shot for Latin magazine "Todo bebe", worked major events such as Nascar", also being the protagonist of the new music video of "Los Iracundos" launched all through South America and Europe. In late 2008 she began working for Channel 8 in Miami & became also the spokes person for international channel Miami TV Host of show "Miami Caliente" shown in 328 channels in the U.S, all of Latin American as well as Europe through satellite TV.  Channel 8 in the U.S, and live web, showing Miami and its most important events. Keeping busy in writing she continued to write for various magazines in Brazil and Peru. Later giving the final touch of releasing he first book "Warning" Llamado de atencion, in Spanish for young adults with a guide in life and how to life positive.In November of 2009 she hosted the biggest Latin American show coming from Europe on its 15th Anniversary in the American Airlines Arena in Miami. A 6 hour show where she was also awarded with "Aguila de Cristal" by the biggest Latin American chain Caracol. That same night presented well known Latin American artists such as Tito Nieves, Jerry Rivera, Group Niche, EL Torito & amongst others Eddie Santiago.Currently with new shows such as "Cancun Caliente" with entertainment and "Jenny Live" with an interactive audience and various life topics given by viewers to better upcoming generations and become better people, her transgresive way captures an audience then sells  a positive message with acceptance from viewers all around the world and different cultures. Later Chosen by "Vidbloggernation" produced by Comcast, as "The voice of Miami" To represent South Florida and its attractions nationwide in Comcast Xfinity. In April of 2012 she traveled to Castellon Spain, where she opened her first meditation Center "Centro Transformacion" together with certified life coach Julius Mwabuki. Now opened to the public as a guide for people through meditation and positive energy seminars to live a positive lifestyle. Traveling every couple of months maintaining congress and seminars in small towns of Spain like Alcala, Segorbe, etc. Jenny was the Official host for Doc Miami "International Film Festival 2012" Gala purposed to gather money for Brick by Brick in Tanzania, South Africa, presenting the Tito Puentes Musician Award to Willy Chirino.In February of 2013 Miami TV Launches their TV Channel mobile worldwide in HD & SD Signal. ( "Miami TV" App is available in Google Play and Itunes, Apple Store.Continuing to produce Live events coverage for International Spread Jenny and her husband launch their TV Channel "Miami TV" in Colombia and Spainin April of 2013. Launching a casting call in Cali Colombia to search for the image of 'Miami TV Colombia' with a result of hundreds of participants, in June of 2013 the new host will be finally presented and will start Live events from Cali Colombia to their Miami TV Signal. In May of 2013 Jenny visited Spain to continue with her channel and creating new seminars for positive living in her Meditation Center in Castellon de la Plana together with Live broadcasts from the most popular attractions of Spain.In April, 2013 Jenny and her husband Enrique launched Miami TV Life which is a channel based on positive living, health and culture ( in April officially Launched a new branch in Cali Colombi "Miami TV Colombia", debuting with the "World Games 2013" in a Worldwide live broadcast.