Deanna Sheckler

Wilbur, WA Avon Rep, Anew Skincare Specialist, Ambassador

I started my Avon business because our family had been living on one income for many years and as a penny pinching mom I was hoping I could get some Avon products at a discount. I continued with Avon because I found out there was so much more opportunity than I had ever imagined. Being an Avon Representative allows me to build a business and work toward financial independence. The lifestyle of our family has been impacted more than I ever thought possible as a stay at home mom. As an Avon Representative, and now a work at home mom, I work my Avon business 2-4 hours a day which allows me to manage my other commitments related to raising and homeschooling my children and their activities, homemaking, as well as my running and fitness.Having my own Avon business makes me feel confident and in control of my destiny. Buy Avon Online at - For as little as $25 you can sign up to sell Avon. Go to Earn $1000 in your first 90 days.

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