Deanna Hansen

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Founder, President, Athletic Therapist

Deanna Hansen started her career in 1995 as a certified Athletic Therapist. She always focused on deep tissue work as she had strong hands and an intuitive ability to know where to work the tissue. As a result, she had a successful practice.Her personal life, however, was not so great. She carried a lot of excess weight, suffered from anxiety and depression and had chronic pain throughout her body. Generally speaking, she did not enjoy life.In 1999, Deanna made some major changes to her life, the most significant being that she started practicing a form of self-work. This came as a result of an anxiety attack she was having that forever has changed the course of her life. She gained control of her body and emotions and found the contentment and strength in life to pursue her dreams.Today, it is Deanna’s goal to teach you this powerful approach to self-care by offering regular sessions of Block Therapy in Winnipeg as well as making available the Block Buddy, instructional videos & books available for use at home anywhere in the world via her website.Please take the time to to learn about Fluid Isometrics and begin your transformative life journey with Deanna & Block Therapy today.If you would like to register for a Block Therapy session or purchase your DVD & Block Buddy you can do so by contacting us today.Connect with Deanna Hansen on LinkedInFollow Fluid Isometrics on Facebook