Deanna Dee Taylor

Salt Lake City, Utah Teacher

I pledge allegiance To all life In its interdependent diversity. And to the planet Upon which it exists One world, under the sky, Undividable, With harmony and balance For all.~~~~~~~~~~~~~I live in Utah and am originally from Maryland.I enjoy blogging on a variety of issues and topics. I love to crochet, camp, hike, ride my bicycle, garden, and hang out with my family.  I am politically active.  I like to work on peace and social justice issues as much as I can.  I am currently into my second masters degree program.  I will graduate with a masters in Special Education with an emphasis on Transition and will be considered a "Transition Specialist", enabling me to be able to better prepare secondary students - specifically those with disabilities - for life after high school.I am married to the love of my life, Tom King, and we do almost everything together - including working at the same school! Together we founded Blue Sky Institute, a non-profit educational organization.We have four wonderful grown children and we have four grandsons and one granddaughter.