Deanna Dahlsad

Fargo, ND Self-Employed Freelance Writer, Researcher, Bon Vivant

Deanna Dahlsad, an avid collector of many things but especially kitsch and "things pertaining to female history". Deanna was raised in a family of antique collectors and dealers. Her childhood was filled with the obligation to wake early on weekends and dig through the tossed-away bits of other peoples’ lives. Happily, she was able to use these skills in the service of her own collecting interests: vintage clothing, pin-up art, Gene Dolls, nudie magazines, pulp novels, cosmetic jars & compacts -- anything that documents the history of women -- as well as vintage textiles & random collections as whims allow… She also has a weakness for printed matter, and so ephemera and books are hoarded in quantities too large to be called "collections". The only thing she loves more than collecting -- and her family -- is talking-err, writing (nearly anything but bios for herself); in the guise of antique dealer and writer, she has found a way to justify both her obsessions with objects and her unnatural appreciation for discussing them. Any rumors that she found her husband, Derek, at a thrift shoppe are unfounded. She runs Inherited Values (yup, another collecting website), Kitsch Slapped (a feminist look at pop culture, past, present &, sometimes, future) and Ululating Undulating Ungulate (an art site) -- among others. She and her husband run Kitschy Kitschy Coo and, when they remember to list things for sale, sell at We Have Your Collectibles.  There's more; but check out the links list ~~~>Featured in Collectors News: "Dahlsad is a touchstone of where women have been, what they wore, and how they carried themselves to get there. She is a historian of how powder puffs and nail polish have both ensnared and enshrined the image of womankind."Presenter at the Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) and Mountain-Plains Museums Association (MPMA) Joint Annual Conference, 2008: Museums & Web 2.0: Slaying Dragons or Titlting at Windmills? Blogs, YouTube, MySpace - Using Social Networks for Museums.October, 2009 interview on The Ephemera Show (podcast).Presenter at the Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention (February 20 and 21, 2010); asked to return again for 2011.She's been a paid staff writer at Collectors’ Quest (these are her columns) . Under he own name, and a plethora of pen names), she's also been a columnist at Backwash, b5, Gadabout Media and too many other companies, websites and print publications  to name.Most of the time, she feels her objects are cooler than she is. Aside from appearing all over the internets, items from her collection appear in such places as the Virtue, Vice, and Contraband: A History of Contraception in America exhibit at the Dittrick Medical History Center and Museum (at Case Western Reserve University) and The Hingham Shipyard Historical Exhibit.Along with writing for Collectors' Quest and Kat Caverly of No Evil Productions, Deanna has been a paid web consultant for them. Those clients and numerous others have been provided professional services via her company Big Mouth Promotions; these services have now been expanded via U.P. To The D.L. with Laura Brown.You can find/follow her at Twitter and Facebook contact her via email at