darius mitchell

Washington DC Chief Executive Officer of the Kylie Mariah Consulting Group, LLP.

Mr. Darius Mitchell of Jacksonville, NC remains one of the nation's most preeminent figures in music, media, and pop culture while based out of Washington DC. Serving as CEO of the Kylie Mariah Consulting Group, LLP,. a strategic planning and management consulting group, as well as serving as an executive music producer for the Raven Film Company in New York, Mitchell is responsible for managing a full-service multimedia firm that prides itself on providing creative and quality product and service to clients, consumers, and customers.On a day to day basis, Mitchell oversees the creation, planning, and perfomance of projects ranging from, independent music distribution and production, marketing and research analysis for city governments, and academic research, press, and public policy for Fortune 500 enterprises.Several of his current projects include; The Benjamin Wilson Project, a free academic tutoring venture for minority students in Eastern North Carolina and Metropolitan Washington DC; music production on upcoming projects  from J. Winston, Gritz and Jelly Butter, QuibeeAcoustic, Union Supreme, and his long-time affiliate D. Town Records. Currently, he is the drummer for Slade Rhythm Band in Washington DC, and music director of his own DMV910TheBand. He also has two long awaited literary works in development, Carolina Girl and The Black Manifesto.In addition, Mitchell works as a global communications specialist with the US Department of Education in the excepted service sector, and has over 13 years of training and development within the Federal government.