Barbara Teasley

USA I am as they say "without work" but was medically retired from a civil service security post about 15 years ago.

Do you Wanna Make Money? So do I..and here is where you can follow me on my quest to do just that.To all of you out there who know me through being personal family and friends or those who play Farmville (lol) who just know of me by my "clicks" and " tyvm  xxxx :)  or "HAPPY DAYS" and LOL!  :) HELLO AGAIN!To those who do not know me, my name is Barbara and the purpose of this blog is that I really Wanna Make Money.So, I have turned to the internet to try and do some Online Marketing...BUT as usual,  It doesn't appear to be as easy as the "to know' people are all saying. :(  and its making me mad! (more on this later).However, I have decided I will not be deterred and I AM going to get there some way or another, some how. I am now very determined and If you would like to join me in seeing how I progress...or not, as the case may be...WELCOME. I will report on anything and everything I come across and pass on my "moans and groans" or hopefully some of my reasonable thoughts to you. Please feel free to post your comments or questions....I cant guarantee i can answer them at this point in time but will at least be able to give you a truthful reply one way or another.On the other hand maybe someone else who knows the answer will be kind enough to comment for us. I am confident there are people who will offer answers without asking us for money first.My goal? To be able to gain the knowledge to enable me to show anyone who wants to start an online business in an absolute detailed way, a "literal step by step" guide to get online and market whatever they decide is right for them and of course for them and me to  Make some Money! So far I have spent months looking at this and looking at that, trying to find out where to start and I believe I have finally found an answer to that at least...well hopefully anyway. :)I would just like to add  My feelings about having or obtaining money and these are aired within a couple of rather jovial quotes from two well known artists, Joan Rivers said......."People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made". LOL!  Isn't that the truth? The great comedian Spike Milligan and I believe this puts things into perspective here where he voiced his view saying..."All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy.I would say that statement applies to a lot of us? Okay, well I hope you are encouraged somewhat by my enthusiasm at the least....and you will enjoy coming here to see how I am getting on.HAPPY DAYS EVERYONE! :) XXXXXX To all that may think I am a "Numpty" Watch this Space!